Prep - Tahsin Ay - Pelikan Tıp Teknik Yayıncılık

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Prep - Tahsin Ay - Pelikan Tıp Teknik Yayıncılık

This book written primarily for upper-intermediate learners of English deals with the main structural patterns of the English Grammar in a simple and a clear language with many examples.
giving practice in especially written English by means of questions and paraphrase exercises.
irregular verbs, tenses, modal verbs, the spelling, asking questions/ determiners, the passive voice, the causative, gerunds, infinitives, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, adjectival clauses, adverbial clauses, participles, phrasal verbs, topics of conversation ete.
how different grammar points relate to each other, which enables the students to write and speak English with confidence.
Atatürks life, sayings, principles, and questions about him.
step-by-step approach to the English exams at school and the skills and the techniques they need to face the exam with confidence.
recycling and consolidation of the grammar already covered in the book.
enabling the students to build a broader understanding of the grammar.
logical organisation of contents beginning with the most basic forms.
the detailed index that helps the users find the unit numbers easily.

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Haziran 2007