Tying The Knot: A Comparison of Marriage Shows in Two Culture

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The private lives structured by television came to light in different ways in eastern and western societies. This study provides concrete examples to the change of private life by making collective and individual culture comparisons through marriage programs. The Comparison of Marriage Shows in Two Cultures seeks to examine the complicated and often polemical terrain of marriage programs while considering their effects on the perceptions of privacy in two different societies: The United States of America and Turkey, in regards to two reality TV marriage shows: The Bachelor and Esra Erol`da Evlen Benimle.

Nowadays privacy is a commodity, property, and according to modern law one can do whatever one wants with it: some choose to sell it, or perhaps otherwise, to acquire an identity is impossible; It is that simple but its structure, content, borders and expression differ according to the impositions of western and eastern cultures.

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